Sunday, October 20, 2013

Our Bedroom Makeover Update

As you've seen we re-did our bedroom. The last piece of the renovation was our bed set. I purchased a new comforter and have been on a search for the perfect throw pillows. They have not arrived yet so I can't post the after pictures until they arrive. These photos are from the Etsy shop where I bought the pillow covers. Once I get them on the bed I will post the final photos.

Skoopehome has an amazing shop where you can purchase just about any pillow cover you could ever want or need ($15 per cover). Here are the ones I got (to match our orange lamps and blue wall)

 Skoopehome will let you pick out any cover you like and mismatch them instead of buying them in pairs. I wanted different sizes then the ones offered so I used the Mix+2 to purchase them
and sent a message to the shop's owner of exactly what I wanted. I am so excited to see these on our bed!
I got these in 18x18
I got one of these in 18x18 and the other one in 12x18

Here are some other pillow covers she sells:

If you are looking for a fun and cheap way to change up any room, you should check out this shop! 
Shae was really helpful and quick to respond to my questions. I am so excited for her pillow covers to arrive!!

Here is a little about the owner:

Owner, Maker, Designer,
Hey hey! I am Shae, and Skoope Home is my growing baby. I'm a visual merchandiser and interior decorator with a love of all things print, pattern, color, interior, and design!

Old Trunk Renovation

Ivan has had this old trunk since he was a kid. The contents haven't changed since probably 1980 and contain various items like one of his sisters purple and black gloves from when she was probably 5 years old (she's 25 now!), an old Nintendo game system, and hundreds of old car magazines. For years I tried to figure out the placement of this trunk in our house. It finally took place under our  T.V and holds the DVR and Playstation. This weekend we decided to paint it to see if we could modernize his old trunk. We had leftover paint from painting our bedroom wall and thought.. why not!?



Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Living Room Mantle

                                            Before                        and                    After

Overview of Our Home in Charleston

I have a tendency to start a project, complete the project and then continuously look for similar projects to complete next. I can go years without feeling creative or wanting to start a project but once I start, I feel as if I cannot stop. With being furloughed at work, I have had more time to tend to the house, but less money to work with. I have tried to do creative things that are either cheap or free but will enhance the look of each room.
 Our House :) 

Our Living Room
Wall: We recently re-painted the picture frames from gold, white, and black to black, white and blue
Coffee Table: Purchased on Etsy from Mounthoodworks for a great deal
Leather Chairs: Hand me down from Mom, and those pillows? $10/each at World Market

My Office/Studio (where all my food photography is shot)
Leather Couch: Purchased from Craigslist
Pendant Light: Home madel materials purchased at Lowes
Elephant: Gift from Ivan

 Guest Bedroom
In the past few months 

Our Bedroom 
Wall Shelf: Ivan made an industrial shelf with materials purchased at Lowes. He stained the wood and painted the metal. Total cost was about $100.
Wall Stencil: We purchased a stencil from Cutting Edge Designs ($50) and paint ($15) and painted over our white walls.

I will post more photos as I continue to work on projects around the house :)

Master Bedroom Makeover

Ivan and I purchased our home in 2011. We absolutely loved what the previous owners had done as they had flipped a once sad looking home into a modern yet traditional home. The personal touches and detail they put into refinishing the home were immaculate. When we moved in, we wanted to personalize our house to make it feel more like us. Of course, Ivan and I work full time and don't have access to unlimited funds so we have been taking our time with personalizing each room. Most recently we re-did our master bedroom. Below are pictures that were listed on MLS, then when we first moved in, and after we completed our project. I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I will try my best to help if you need any advice.
MLS listing

Our first bedroom project was an industrial shelf made from iron pipes. We wanted an industrial  to hang clothes in our room.

We tried a map on the back wall, but it just didn't fit our personalities. I think this map would be great for an office or a kids room, just not a master bed room. I began thinking to myself... what else could we do?

Then I saw this stencil online! I loved loved loved it! I thought the blue contrasted beautifully against a white wall and looked modern, yet elegant. 

So we tore down the map!

We are still finalizing bedding, but we found a similar stencil as the one I found online and we dedicated an entire afternoon to our wall. It took FOREVER, but we are both really excited about the final outcome. Once I get our bedding perfect, I will post the final photos which will include our shelving unit.